Introduction: My name is Frieda

Frieda Frowhawk is the name of a Fictional Character. The name of my childhood alter-ego. The name I give to my remembered self. She has a strong sense that she knows what she’s talking about.

The usefulness of Frieda will become apparent.

Meanwhile, I was trained as a Painter, then as a Visual Communications Designer at postgraduate level. I have enjoyed a varied career in Print and Screen Design, as well as Teaching on a Foundation course.

The Plan

In periods of economic difficulty, (and cuts in support for the Arts), Frieda’s interested to know how individual artists progress, as an indicator of the times, and as a way to develop her own professional practice. She proposes a Project of Hogarthian Proportions, (the best example of his serially-planned story cycles), to weave together the Themes that bubble around her; producing work, interviewing other practitioners in a series of ‘conversations’, creating a database, (a repository), of stories, reflections, discoveries and memories and curating an Exhibition of Her Findings.

She proposes walks of the Liminal Landscape, studio-visits, work critiques, interviews – each interaction documented, recorded and published. She’s aware that having previously enjoyed the social and creative interactivity of a freelance and educational environment, she feels certain difficulties can arise from working in the near-isolation of a semi-rural studio. Her ‘other’ self has fallen out-of-the-loop, pining for intellectual interaction, for honest critique and feedback with other practitioners. Without feedback or a peer review opportunity, her ‘other’ self finds that she’s increasingly in need of validation. An opportunity to display her findings and for critical and informed discussion – especially with artists juggling similar responsibilities and anxieties – has become crucial.

Frieda will conduct this series of documented intellectual, geographical and creative wanderings, and her interviews with selected people, with an audio/visual and written account of work. She hopes to achieve a fluid, on-going series of imagery, recordings, documents and interviews, transcribed, synthesised and published. She intends to publish and display the results as an installation and exhibition.

Indicative questions:

What working processes have become established and how are they varied by events and beliefs?
What impact does new media and global systems of communication play on producing work?
What role does research play?
To what extent is that research autobiographical?
To what extent is work intuitive?
What mental and physical factors impinge upon the experience as an artist?
How does an artist make ambitious work in the present economic conditions?

The individual interviews with imagery will be loaded to this site.

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